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Before even starting my 5 year chiropractic course I wanted to be a vet, perhaps brainwashed by James Herriot as a child. Sadly, I could not get the grades to get into vet school. After doing an HND in agriculture there followed many years of agricultural contracting shearing, lambing, cultivating and harvesting which was a great experience. However it took its toll on wrists and back which was amazingly remedied by a chiropractor, so that became the chosen route. A human course followed and then, after a gap, an animal course specialising in horses and dogs. I can now offer treatment to both horses and dogs to try to free up their nervous system through spinal alighnment and soft tissue and articular release.
Picture at Crufts 2013 reporesenting McTimoney Chiropractic.
  • Your dog may need a treatment after a fall or accident. For agility dogs this may be due to getting tangled in cloth tunnels or perhaps when falling off a dog walk in windy conditions or when looking round at owner. 
  • changes in behaviour, performance or temperament
  • Limb-dragging or odd, irregular action. 
  • crying out when getting up
  • difficulty climbing stairs or getting into cars
  • Signs of discomfort when being stroked on their back 
  • Stiffness or pain after exercise
  • Reluctance to exercise
  • Absence of resolution of the problem after using conventional methods 
Dogs can sometimes  injure themselves with ill-fitting collars, harnesses, poor feeding posture, jumping onto furniture, playing on slippery floors and rough play.
All treatment is given with Veterinary oversight.  
  Treatment of 
Shoulder pain
Sports Injuries 
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