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Fantastic hope for the 3 million paralysed people this week with the reforming of the spinal cord via nose cells for the Greek knife victim. Neuro plasticity in action...

Great to see Andy Murray winning at weekend and testimony to determination, team work and peak performance. It's interesting to glean some health nuggets from the many and varied stories regarding his training. Men's health boast an exclusive to his formidable exercise regime. We are told that he has regular urine samples to test his osmolarity so that water and minerals can be assessed according to the Daily telegraph. His drink is blended by his nutritionist for an optimum balance of water, potassium,glucose  and sodium  etc. creating  a magic secret formula. Ice baths at 10 degrees for 10 minutes and lactic acid clearing massages conclude his matches. Unbelievable commitment toward an end goal. 
Local tennis coach Nick Rees form Virgin Active however beat Murray twice in three encounters when he was a teenager, the first supposedly at Langland Bay! I wonder where he might be had he had the optimal backing.
The James Wong talk at the Swansea Waterfront museum on Sunday the 7th. was very interesting. His gardening revolution replaces the conventional crops that are cheaply available in the shops but hard to grow, with easy to grow superfoods that cost a fortune in the shops such as Wasabi. The hall was packed with aficionados desperate to buy his signed book afterwards and he has a website :  
I have been getting very interested in the diaphragm as a muscle recently. This is a dome shaped muscle that sits at the base of the rib cage but has tremendous influence on the body's function on so many levels it's staggering. Yoga, for example, bases itself around the breath. The diaphragm has a nerve supply from the neck "C3,4,5, keeps the diaphragm alive" so by something called recipricol inhibition by relaxing the diaphragm one can relax the neck. The diaphragm also has a major influence on the lower back via its tendon attachments to the lumbar spine so by the same theory the lower back can be relaxed by relaxing the diaphragm. Naturally by increasing the movement of the diaphragm more breath is taken in and expelled meaning that more oxygenated blood is available to every cell in the body.  Furthermore because when the diaphragm moves it pushes down into the abdominal cavity or gut area, it has a massaging effect on the gut contents and helps movement of the contents of the gut. Interestingly, stress tends to make people breathe from the upper chest area using the accessory breathing muscles which live in the neck. Interestingly when these get overused they tend to shorten pulling the head forward and locking the neck into extension which jams up the facet joints of the neck.. In short I am starting a laughter workshop at the Page St. Clinic on Thursday which does a lot to work the diaphragm...why not come along at 1:15 to 1:45 pm? The cost is just £3 but please book in advance on 651717!

I had a great time at Cruft's this year representing the association and met lots of people singing the praises of McTimoney for themselves and their dogs as well as trying to spread the word to the uninitiated.
Interesting news regarding Parkinson's and the rehabilitation offered by sound therapy to counteract the short circuit caused by a lack of the dopamine. The Beth Israel Clinic  New York found that by using bespoke music they could resolve co-ordination issues of some sufferers. 
I have been reading numerous books recently from Swansea's superb central library that has a great collection of books on nutrition and health as well as being an uplifting place to go, slap bang next to  the sea. 
Some interesting helpful books for back sufferers are 
Patrick Holford's book on hormones
Barrie Savory's book "the Good book Guide" 
Train your brain by Teach yourself 
to name but a few. 
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