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Is McTimoney chiropractic suitable for sports injuries?
Yes , re-alignment of spine and pelvis and release of tight muscles can both assist sporting performance and assist recovery from injury.

How much will the treatment cost ?
 £40 for initial consultations and treatment( if appropriate ) and £35 for subsequent visits.

How many sessions will I need ? 
This depends on the individual and nature of injury but usually 2-4 treatments are recommended followed by a review of progress and re-evaluation of treatment plan. 

Will it hurt?

The low force McTimoney method of manipulation is comfortable to receive, making it suitable for people of all ages including pregnant women, children and elderly. Your first appointment will give plenty of time to understand and review the root causes of a condition. An hour is the usual time for the first treatment and 30-40 minutes for follow up appointments. McTimoney Chiropractic care can prevent problems arising and maintenance treatments are recommended after a course of treatment to help prevent relapse. Let Michael Jones get you fit and healthy again! He also treats dogs and horses with McTimoney Corley techniques 

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